Friday, 26 October 2012

Evolution of Jeans

From elephant jeans to leggings, bottoms have been evolving from generation after generation. 

It started out from wide sized transformed to fitted jeans converted it into different colors changed it with a smooth and light form of leggings and merged it with a design of jeans.

Elephant Jeans, it is fitted on the upper part and loose on the bottom part just like an elephant's trunk.

Skinny Jeans, these are slim fit pants made from a denim fabric.

Colored Jeans, are fitted denim jeans designed with bright colors.

Leggings, these are stretchable fabrics.


Jeggings are more accessible in using, it has a lighter feel and it fits perfectly on your hips as it stretches down your thighs and legs. It looks just like an ordinary jeans and by some reason many are deceived with this kind of clothing :)

I am fond of Jeggings and I love wearing them :) How about you Ladies? What is your favorite type of jeans? :)

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