Tuesday, 9 October 2012

LACE: A fabric for all season ♥

From 16th century to year 2012 lace clothing has always been in season. 

It is an open fabric that makes your dress look mystical and exquisite. It was believed that only the privileged and those who are on the upper class can only afford this kind of fabric but as the time passes by laces are being used not only on elegant dresses but on modern shorts as well. 

Before, a single square inch of a lace fabric is neatly done for 10 long hours. Imagine how long would they spend sewing an evening gown!  

Princess Grace Kelly, Princess Isabella of Belgium and Princess Kate Middleton had gone lacey crazy on their royal weddings! This kind of fabric is an excellent choice for wedding gowns. It looks elegant and doesn't fade out in season. 

So better wear your laces and be a trendsetter! :) 

Kate Middleton Grace Kelly Isabella Lace