Monday, 12 November 2012

A Modern Day Balagtasan

I was fascinated by fliptop recently. It is an excellent way to battle in freestyle rap music. I was stunned by their ideas, punchlines and other elements that come as fast a snap. 
It is the first filipino battle league that was founded by Aric Yuson or popularly called Anygma
From Fliptop Battles, rappers recently are shifting their careers on creating their own music like Abra with Gayuma and Loonie with Tao lang.

Lines are delivered in freestyle and usually spiced with Filipino vulgar and condemning words.
The best thing about Fliptop is that rappers don't hold grudges against their opponents. Whatever insults they throw to their co-competitor will always stay on the battle ground.
Loonie/Abra vs. Tipsy D/Third D Dos por Dos after battle
Can't get enough of their intellectually made rap lyrics :) One word that defines them? Uh-Mazing! 
King of Rap battles

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