Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Crazy little thing called FRIENDSHIP :)

"Friendship never ends". Perhaps it will base on how you perceive your friendship with others. Not all friendships has a happily ever after. Some were broken by back talks; fights will always start by misunderstandings which will eventually lead to a more serious dilemma. Each person has their own unique personality that may be not compatible with others. Some were trying their best to have a good outcome; some will misconceived what the other one had done just because she feels she's becoming bossy. Everyone has their freedom of speech but will it be advisable in situations like having your friendship be ruined by merely expressing your thoughts and criticizing others behind their backs?

Other friendships don't work out; maybe it's because of their dissimilar personalities, but for us? Even though we don't agree on some things we figured out solutions on how to fix the issues that we were unable to talk about for a long time! A year it is of endless awkward moments and full of misery businesses. Indeed it was difficult to put all the broken pieces that was buried by the dusts of time, yet we are able to bring back what was lost.

True friendship isn't PASSIVE, it ACTS :)


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