Thursday, 28 June 2012

JB (Im Jae Bum): Road to Success

Korean actor, singer, and a superb dancer. He first appeared in the drama DREAM HIGH as a back up dancer of Wooyoung from 2PM. At first I haven’t noticed him due to his black hair and he haven’t had much exposure on the video.

(0:42, look closely)

His second appearance which became his pre debut was on the sequel series of Dream high. His role was about a rude popular artist that went to Kirin art school to continue his dream on becoming a top star. The drama completely showcased his talents. I was tremendously amazed with his dance skills as well as his heartmelting voice. Since then I haven’t stopped looking for more, until I found out that he is a part of a boy group named JJ Project that debuted recently (sometime in May 2012). I was completely hooked with their excellent performances, giving their best shots in doing what they do best.

They were a student of JYP Entertainment where they undergone a massive training enhancing their skills. 

I have been waiting for the release of JJ Project’s mini album “Bounce” in the Philippines, hoping I’ll have a copy of it :)

Some of the heart pounding performances of JB (Im Jae Bum) J

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