Sunday, 15 July 2012

My Polyvore Sets

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Summer Getaway 

Hottest season of the year, SUMMER it is! You might want to wear a fashionable floral shorts accompanied by a hanging sleeveless tee with a pair of flat sandals.Finish off your outfit with an elegant looking accessories and a sling bag.

One Corporate Day 

A stereotyped set which best fits on a corporate world. Black defines my stylish mode of formality with a touch of cream white to make it a bit prominent.


An outfit for a festive occasion. Simple yet elegant, characterized by the classy black dress that goes along with a sparkling pair of high heels. The red satchel bag exemplifies it's over all look.

Modern Geisha 

A glimpse of the past twisted by a bit of a fusion. Geisha's are known for the white kimonos and fanciful face make ups. What I did is a modern type of a  geisha that shows a stylish black leggings along with a trendy corset covered up by a waterfall blazer, end it up with red foxy sling bag and red high heels.

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